Doug Goetz defends his Ph.D.

On Feb 14, 2017 Doug Goetz successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis and became the first Ph.D. from the DeCarlo Group.  His research focused on characterization on the emissions from the natural gas development in Pennsylvania.

Marcellus Team

Papers on Marcellus:

Goetz et al. 2015 ES&T: (Open access)

Goetz et al. 2017 Elementa: (open access)

Doug also participated in the Nepal Ambient Monitoring and Source Testing Experiment (NAMaSTE), looking at the source emissions from under characterized sources (brick kilns, trash burning, cookstoves, etc.) in Nepal using a mini-Aerosol Mass Spectrometer.  Our time in Nepal was cut short a massive earthquake, and luckily no one was injured on the team or any of our collaborators families.  Papers on that work are forthcoming.

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