Wharton Business Radio Discussion of Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas

Knowledge@Wharton a radio show from Wharton Business Radio did a piece a couple weeks ago in which Dr DeCarlo was one of the guests on the show along with Ramon Alvarez, Sean Wright, two authors from the recent science paper  Assessment of methane emissions from the U.S. oil and gas supply chain, the radio show discusses the issues surrounding methane leakage from oil and gas infrastructure.  Some key points:

  • Leakage of methane is 60% higher than EPA estimates 
  • Climate impacts from leakage essentially erase climate benefit of natural gas power production vs coal power production
    • Note: nuclear, wind, solar, and hydro do not emit CO2 for power generation
  • Cost of leaked methane is $2B
  • Climate cost of leaked methane is ~$13B (at $1000 per ton Social Cost of Carbon)
  • At this time States have a roll to play in enacting regulations to reduce methane leakage
    • Federal legislation is unlikely at this time.

Important note (not in the radio show): Natural gas is a fossil fuel, and we collectively should focus our efforts on transitioning away from ALL fossil fuels to lessen the impact of climate change on our planet. 

Radio interview here: 8/1/2018 Knowledge@Wharton

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